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August 17, 2008

Blast from the PAST

Talk about a trip out.
As I'm making the about page for my site I did some Googleing for box covers of 1942 PAW.
It was one of my first games and instead of a box cover; I found this.

I did this plane cockpit almost 14yrs ago. Back then, I had animator pro, and 3dstudio release 4 on my machine. I was still getting used to windows ... you had to boot to Dos to get anything done... and you could only check email and write docs in windows at the Time....
man...i just really dated myself...
i remember the machine....It was a 486/dx cpu...and I was THANKFUL ....and absolutely thrilled to be using it in the halls if MPS labs.

I'll post the wire of my latest cage in a few ...but first ..theres photoshopping to do.
man i swear ... I spend more time in PS than i do in dreamweaver.


tiffannysketchbook said...

holy moly animator pro!!! I remember that program!

Walt Cart said...

yeah i used to LOVE that program. it had great use of frames and pallete swaping was a breeze with it.