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December 8, 2008

Drawing with a shift in thought process?

Holy Sh!t i don't feel like posting right now. but it's been a few days.

Today's drawing session was kinda neat.

REvelation was the order of the day

I tried to envision how i would apply detail in Z-brush while i was sketching out my idea below.
you ever get that "shift" feeling whenever drawing? almost like a zone of sorts?
Drawing on the right side of the Brain mentioned this mental felt good to not focus so hard on the line as i have been for a while now especily when drawing on tablet... i loose a lot of creative energy that way it seeems.
but MAN to make gestures today felt really good...
I must take not of this next time i feel tight and "off" in my skething for long spells.

i feel my work is far more organic and fast this way and i can always laydown hard line after the sketch is in...DUHH huh?

Now i just need to work on the Big guy more. Not sure of the armor scheme or yet. the MNF game got too good.

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