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December 31, 2008

started Mr skizz bone face update...

So i figured I'd try to start my modeling sessions at a regular level again. boy di i need to i feel a lot better now.
as i said before i wanted to start a new model..i figure why not do multiple works instead of getting burnt out on just one at a time...hmmm thers a concept..
I think i see a Dragon in my's been too long to have not done a dragon....hmmm
..speed... what a concept. (random thought)
4 to 5 hrl on this topology.
I'll post some of the model session later cause it's late...I'll start on the new hands...thans right,,NEW hands in the morning....maybe

I gotta get out of this back arch thing for a spell!!...bad habits..but it looks so cool to me... :(

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