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June 19, 2009

the top 5%...

So my mentor says...if you want to be good then do what the top 5% do.
truer words have never been spoken.

"Do the work , practice, pay attention, read and participate"
simple right? yes and no really.
The hard part is filtering out all the crap and getting an eye for what is important in each piece.
I'm finding out rather quickly that most of the time it's 60% technique and 35% talent 5% luck the tools wont blow up at some point in the creation process.

I am fully into Z-brush now.
all other tools have taken a back seat...I feel like i'm working with sculpey's a zone i havent been in in years.
more to come
1st full model done in max or maya here.
under 12 hours.

learning a lot as we go...."be very afraid" they say :)

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