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January 19, 2010

quick draw??


Drawing took forever..felt like i was on it all day...
i did make new z brush busts and figured out how to use the traditional poly set vs the new 3.5 polygons not all was lost i guess...also did some photo shopping.

trying to get this painting thing down iz tough.


Mesh Realms said...

i love this worrier bro. you make it hard to find mistakes or bad habits in your work.

oh im also trying to learn painting.
that's going to be my next mission because right now im learning how to
retopologize in zbrush

Mesh Realms said...

oh,hay Walt how do u get that dotted look on your art work. I always wanted to know that thanks bro......

Walt Cart said...

sup man!!
way to go on the retopo tools..i haven't even really started using it. :_)

the brush is a dotted brush i made in sketch book pro.
send me a reminder emailand i'll try and send you the file.

lol faults ?? sure there are.
you flatter me.
there are plenty of issues here. sometimes getting it cool is better than making it look right. it's one of the few things ikn the world you can do that with.

Mesh Realms said...

lol i gotcha bro.