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March 1, 2010

sketch night and harpy comic update.

So i get my first comic credit!


My harpy is going on the interview cover for DW's reprint of Starstruck.
I'm using Zbrush to render the plate; then Lee and I will doctor the image in photo shop.
Still a few days off; i had to redo the missile racks due to Kaluta's design change. (no biggie i need the practice of revision)

eres the prelim's more of a popular mechanics vibe so no blurs or heavy action.

My thumbnail night is all about getting rid of tired and used ideas lodged in my head...and boy do i have some stale biscuits up there!

The first few were honestly better than the last few (Ive mixed em up since then)...but beauty is in the eye of the beholder so dont take my word..i usually find fault in eveything i bout them terps?

Logan got some much needed attention in the body and face.
the facial features are now more intense...might be time to grow a test version after the claws and holders are in place.


tiffannysketchbook said...

congrats on your comic credit!!


Mesh Realms said...

hot shit bro, I gotta make some post my self today

Mesh Realms said...

oh and congrats on the comic credit

Eric M. Scharf said...

Excellent! No one will dare harp on you any longer.

David "Red Elk" Wells said...

Congrats on the comic credit!!! Glad to see things are going good.

Walt Cart said...

Thanks guys :)

Crunch time @ the office worries tho the TERPS won :)