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December 13, 2011

Hard surface W.I.P. Assain droid ?

All in Z-BRUSH ..DEATH TO BOX MODELING!! ...well's good to know your basics folks :)

....i was going for that goofy Star wars "roger roger" style of robot. ..... a quickie if you will. was supposed to bit more low key of a model..
But the wings killed that idea.
Still at this point im even consideriung making a shell for the torso and well as the head...for a few weeks i've been trying to get away from this idea that it's based off of Geigers Alien design....the droid used to have a tail.....

then legs hit me and i hated everything ....first chiken version made in z spheres and then dynmesh
almost gave up on this leg design but i pushed instead sometime you just have to know when to oush and when to start over this was a one to keep pushing as i realized ..."I never really did this kinda design in this medium has to be pushed!"

Annnd here i am now...
the feet sheilds were giving me hell ...tons of holes would appear in the dynamesh on a regular basis...even AFTER i made it twice as thick.
Eventaully i just got rid of the top altegether with the hide non visible command in the geometry tab. ...BTW i F***ing hate the head now... ole boxy head @ yur service!

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