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August 12, 2008

The First Post

Welcome to the-edge-loop..... Blog edition!
"What's an edge loop?" you might ask.
In 3d terms; it's the proverbial tai chi of geometry... the polygonal flow that one's geometry takes to create it's silhouette. ...... or better still a pic is worth a thousand words.

Get that?

this blog will fit two purposes...

1. I can post here rather quickly and not have to put in 3 hours to make a post to the flagship site

If I'm pressed for time...the blog spot is a great place to let folks see what i am currently doing without having to wait for a traditional update.

2. Part of being "in the loop" is having your finger on the pulse of all things of interest.
For me it's 3d software, game related news and of course.... The actual playing of video games.
Therefore you can expect here a mix of game reviews, fantastic found works of cg art & profiles of coming soon titles will be discussed and displayed here.

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