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August 12, 2008

My first concept post

This posts Covers some pics of recent concept art I'm made yesterday.
I think one of them will become a 3D model...and since i need the Portfolio work i night as well. The second pic ..the carnage; as i call still very young in it's conception; i think I'll redo the body completely it's a little stiff after I look at it with fresh eyes. needs to be more organic.
i'm using a blob technique on my tablet PC to get the various silhouettes and odd shapes fairly easy and quickly.

In comparison of brush styles and effect; i used the PC tablet for this fella but in a more pencil like fashion.

For the past year ; Ive been exclusive with my tablet PC as my sketch book.
In fact the last dated sketch in my book was 6/7/07...i haven't looked back.
The best part of drawing on pc is the fact that you can never leave a mistake unless it's intentional or in layman's terms the happy accident.
On PC there is the almighty UNDO button which I happen to use more than I'd care to ever admit.

Thats all for now... soon, I'll post some vids from a few recent building sessions as well as some Z-brushing.
by the way...Z-brush; don't look now but theres a 500lb gorilla behind you and it's breathing heavy
....Rut Roh!!

1 comment:

tiffannysketchbook said...

Looking forward to seeing more!
nice concepts! I like your models, they are very clean and organized poly-wise.