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November 12, 2008

Away for way too long's been too long since my last post...waaay too long..sorry for the delay for those out there in TV dosent mean i havent been fact... The opposite.
I finnalt recived my copy of mudbox 2009 and wow ...i have to learn the tool over agin since i've been using Z brush for the past 3 to 4 months...sure some things are inheritly the same but theres enough difference in the two for a learning curve.
i tried putting my wolverine into mudbox at it's highest sub D (12 million polys)
and it took....except for the thousands of verts that were spread across the screen it was perfectly unusable....
on to the next...i need a change of pace she is...
heres was some inspiration for the evil and witherd feel i'm goin for...i think she'll be a great addition to mr boney face
Next costumes...leather corsets with large buckels and some skin...clotheing design is going on now..i'll post that very soon.

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