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April 1, 2009

been away for a second...Floss title at work shipped YAY!!! now i can draw and not sneak about it.

The custom paint tool in sketch book pro 2009 is my new best friend!
i found it by far more forgiving than the pencils & set brushes that come default...the times i need to "Suggest" a shape or form drove very well; can you tell im pleased?

I need to get onto the minion concepts next,
i looked into some ideas that went absolutely nowhere.
now I'm going to simplify a bit since i only have a ceiling of 10K triangles to work with.

I'm having a heckuva time with which direction to take my minions.
Do i go marionette driven robots or my mecha/ junk golem? I'm stuck a bit but coming loose.
guess i need to look at both... (i need the practice anyway) ... whichever one catches my fire first is the one i'll go with.
"cough"junk golem has a slight lead"cough"

I guess I just fear cliche ...but... if it works, who cares?

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