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April 15, 2009

not much to say today
it seems life has a way of making plans other than what you intend.

Thankfully my wife's operation was a successful procedure, she is mending well.
I am the nurse of the house and get in some work where i can...but not much.
i did get to finalize my dominance war concept some where in all that worrying i did over the past week.
a few more ideas before the final

Both cars are in semi working condition as both have potentialy large repair bills wilth little to afford paying out so much.
The PC laptop i work on was on the fritz...i had a virus /worm that replicated it's self each time it was quarantined by my anitvirus software.
Thankfully I was able to save my drawings from the past year and burn them to dvd for storage.
then i bit the bullet and reinstalled the OS.
hours later i had a new OS but now the re-installation of programs begins
Considering my tablet is my sketchbook...i really needed it to work
such as life


Eric M. Scharf said...

Your new sketch "style" is Van Nuys (very nice). Keep up the good work . . . and enjoy the re-installation of your applications. I had the same fun not so long ago, too . . . but imagine how smooth your OS will run for about 3 months. ;)

Walt Cart said...

thank you E! :)