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July 26, 2009

So i get the point of this challenge

Grendel prime's story pretty much puts his design in stone.
not much challenge there in the creativity dept
so i thought n thought....nothing
looked to my childhood fav's ..there it was.

Black Manta 2100 ad
not too far away but far away enough to conceive tech I think of as "cool".
i see lots of gray tone and hex like shapes in my future...
i'm in a inner debate on weather to use z-brush's natural tools or go poly 3d base in max and then port to Z. then theres this tool called Xnormals
might be a tool great for avoidng the dreaded tech BOTTLE NECK.
I advise one to browse the toturial vids on the site to get a grasp on how the tool works.
not hard but it's always good to read and watch before you swim in unknown waters.
seems you can use base making tools like z-spheres and worry about a low res 3d mes and it's uvees till AFTER your done the hige rez sculpt.
a very liberating flow...except for color maps...not sure how that all works yet as diffuse maps dont carry over to obj. the tool needs more investigating.
thank god it's FREE.
as i start my sculpt book over at pixologic I think i will eventually ask some challenge winners what a paint tool is thier weapon of choice. im certain the answer will be varied.

so my workflow
max base shape

right now it's the issue of UVw pipeline that has me up at night.
which one?

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