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July 24, 2009

tonites struggle & subtool extracting growth

so i might do the comicon challenge not sure yet///
i'll make my mind up by sunday night.
so.... this weekend i'll do some sketching and idea kicking on how to approach a build.
right now it's either gonna be the guy you see Grendel prime or...Jazz or prowl the 1980's tranformer.
i'm seeing that IF you want to use the mask extraction tool and want a clean's best to do it at a high subdivisin BEFORE you add hyper detail.
i find lvl 5 works well letting me smooth out details easily that may have extracted a little too well. fact seems sub d 5 is ideal for good detail vs ram management's a sweet spot of detail and flow..a lvl that doesnt need to update or compact ram too often.

K it's friday night..
time for some infamous & maybe dawn of war.

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