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July 22, 2009

Thumbnail night.... i get bored easily...idle hands are the devils workshop they instead of doing's thumbnail time!! :)
my twice a week date with this stuff needs to increase ...should be posted more often.
gotta break some annoying habits.
went so far as to buy this Gnomon DVD for quick ref when i need it.
awesome helper for those oh crap i forgot moments.

don't want to post update after update of the ole bug eye'd martian on the blog...that can get....boring.
Instead here's 45 mins worth of me wondering "what to do next?"
I love this part because there is no frame to work except the one in your mind. You can just wander off and come up with some true off the wall wacky "i didn't think of that before" stuff.

Along with my Z Brush focus ..Really, i mean REALLY; I want to get the conceptualizing thing down.
In that repsect it's all about the brushes...cant wait to find more ...i shall share when i find more and grow.

as my mentor says.."who cares about a model if the concept stinks?"

tonight is another sketch night for the 1st two hours then off to making the loin cloth for martian man. and if ya cant get enough of the day 2 day martian progress ...go here. and please feel free to comment.

thanks for watching folks it does my heart good :)


Kay... i lied thark update with baked in color.


tiffannysketchbook said...

i like your thumbnails :D

Walt Cart said...

thanks Tif :)

I'm trying to do more of em as i really need to sharpen that area more.