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December 31, 2009

Knu year

......Dare i say I'm back?

I own my own personal copy of z brush now.
cost me 600 buxx but it will be well spent.
it was time
guess that means i need to make soemthing of myself huh?
i pray this year comes with much discovery and artistic fruition.

lets go and see where we land eh?.

Hard surfacing getting overcome my fears of the new retopo tool!
there's power in discovery

A dragon rider concept im knocking back n bout finishing the other stuff first eh?

Me....oakbeast...yeah thats him

Two more concepts that need a LOT of work to get noticed...maybe i should go for the general idea then just get started in Z-Brush? I think Imma start doing that...gotta find ways to streamline my workflow and get the most out of creative zeal.
take these old school concepts. process & workflows and turn it on it's head.

1 comment:

tiffannysketchbook said...

awesome post. lots of new stuff for me to see :D