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January 3, 2010

on to the next

so i need to treat models like a i do a sketch book.
cant get there without being in the tool on a almost daily basis.
getting the Z sketch to work in a manner predicatble is still a cahllenge but it's more me getting used to sculpting this way.

Today was adaptive mesh usage....and dog walking a 150 llb Akita.
at least he listens to me.
The wacom tablet still feels loose, a bit separated from the experience.
i'll be looking into one of those Eastern exclusive 600 dollar cintiqs. off of ebay.

just hope the adapt sculpt will stay after i put the fingers and hands onto the armature.
But i doubt it will....i need the practice anyway.


Mesh Realms said...

cool im playing with z brush now as you suggested. it a Little easy than i thought.

Mesh Realms said...

can't wait to see the finished project.