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January 6, 2010


Like Gilbert said...go ahead...pick one...i am so mad about that by the way....ANYWAY.

For the mesh below it needs a gun not any gun but im talkin a big a$$ Unreal 55 caliber of sorts if it hits; there will be mush.
In any event any observation would be helpful so feedback is encouraged.
Spent the day looking at retopo tools in Z and working on hands....
seems z sketching then re-meshing and then sculpting to a mid detail level... THEN retopo is the way to go. far.
But I need a solid leg design...thought of converting the vest into the image drawing below with the giant sword; but the vest doesn't fit i might as well do both.

I need the practice


Mesh Realms said...

Nice, I plane to up load a thumb tile of weapons tomorrow my self.I to need the practice. The weapons i plane to upload is also for my ninja mesh.

Walt Cart said...

Go for it homey!!!