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May 5, 2010

lotsa time on learning retopology

Not much to show on the retoposide of things.
I think i will however do a video of retopology in process.
It's either easier than i thoguth it would be or....they fixed it!.
Still much to learn as this tool is MASSIVE in scope...and they've added animation to Z 4 .
Charcter designs will NEVER be the same.... i have a LOT of work to do....theorehctically...i could do my sprites in z brush render with the key frame animator.....holy sh*t....

1st drawing with my Cintiq 550pl
love the way it handles...tho the resolution is only 1024 x 764 ..the feel and control rocks....i had to sacrifice my 2nd flat screen for the hookup...but when i get a dual mobo with multiple vid cards...i'll be back to three monitors...maybe wif is gonna kill me.....
time to start posting @ concept i was told.

I am so nervous about it...

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Mesh Realms said...

Nice Walt, whats your process of coloring your pics.