May 31, 2010

New brush test..yerah..been a min

....So i haven't touched sketch book pro in almost a month and a half.
The Wide range of Brushes in Photo shop just ACES S.K.P!
that siad iv'e done more that just these two but this blob and stroke THEN line draw what i think i see is a great exploration tool...and I color!! fact, I look forward to it .
that said..there will be more done.
The Glow guy is a tron design proto for CG talk and the mecha is just that...mech .sstill neeeds some colors to make em pop tho.

I'm having a hard time getting into the fantasy art of things but i hope to change that as i progress with this new found way of sketching

lots of sketches coming this way as we move onto the comicon challenge slated for later this summer

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