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June 12, 2010


I'm Still here!

just finishing off some some client stuff...and i and trying to "change " how i draw / use of techniques of photo-shop. two wips i did today...gotta add more color and flesh out the details on the trooper guy.

Not much i care to share but the learning cure is great.
my Wacom screen isnt as touch sensitive as the NEW hotness but i just have to train my self for the right feel...that said...when i DO get an newer Wacom brush control will be TOPS!.

Cant wait to get to the point where I'm doing these design in Zbrush...i still find Z sketch to be a bit sloppy and loose. anyway...keep on keeping!


Mesh Realms said...

I agree with the z brush thing Walt but just keep pushing. Also I have been trying to change the way I draw as well. I am reaching for the I draw girls style, But other than that keep going though.

personified greatness said...

That mech warrior is pretty sic. Every time I think Im getting better I always feel liks I still have a long wayz to go. Glad to see something new from you walt it makes me wanna keep pressin. Thanx for all your advice, I have been practicing on faces. Peace Walt