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August 7, 2010

Two more from the week

Right now I'm at work looking into the Unity 3D game engine and the other part of the day doing Blend expression 3 that's now Blend 4...i cant keep up!! I don't get a lot of "work time" at work to do the "Drawing thing" ...figures.

I've been in sort of a creative funk as of recent.
This Doesn't mean i wont go and try to shoot my way out of it....
With the inclusion of CPU drawing it feels like I've lost a little touch that i had ...or at least think i had when it was just pencil and a sketch book.

that said.. I see the benefits of drawing and creating with a canvas as broad as the CPU and in fact; there are parts of me that wont ever go back!
That said; I still need to find this elusive "touch" I've been missing. But maybe it's just a need for more practice?
I am after all in new territory.

I need to color this one since it has values that work for me....I'm thinking hazmat medic...Primary orange with some some red.
A flashing lime green beacon to show "work over here. "

......... I really need plenty of study on face techniqes...right now mine are far to garrish.


1 comment:

Mesh Realms said...

Nice Walt with the concepts bro. You can pull off some really cool stuff with minimum detailed. Dude you truly inspire me.