January 19, 2011

Got a lil free time

So we have a lil lull at the office at the moment.
Since Dominance War 5 is postponed till the 28th of Feb "Yay! it's back!!!"
great to know :)
so till then Gameartisans.org has a competition where your to make an original character for the star trek universe ...i choose a star fleet marine.
role playing games have mentioned them in the past but we never see them or hear much.
as nice as Roddenberry paints a picture of utopia...some times the big toe needs a steel plate over the top.
I figured you cant always go planet side in close fitting gear and sport shiny hand held phaser / telecommunication unit and be say a world killer.

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tiffannysketchbook said...

good use of free time! keep on posting. I've got my eye on you walt!